Stephanie Schwab Cammarano

PhD, Political Scientist

Freelance Research Associate

Stephanie Schwab primarily works in the fields educational and family policy. Important themes are early interventions, day care for infants and after-school mentoring programs, all-day school, child and youth policies, integration policies, and child protection. She is specialized in qualitative and quantitative social research and evaluations.

She studied political science, ethnology, and international law in Zurich and Berlin. In her Master’s thesis, she compared the integration policies of several countries and their effects on the integration of immigrants. After an internship at an NGO, she returned to the University of Zurich as a project assistant and PhD student, where she studied the relationship between media and politics in Europe. Her doctoral thesis is entitled «Rollen in der Politikvermittlung» [Different Roles in Political Education]; it was published by the Nomos Publishing House in 2013.